The journey to wealth can take us down many unlikely roads, often littered with hairpin turns and road kill.
I came from Caribbean immigrants with big dreams and little financial means. After school I married and later divorced at 28 with a child to care and provide for on my own. I tried starting a business and when it failed I launched another. It, too, went belly up putting me into bankruptcy. The experiences that would shape my views about money and the importance of creating multiple streams of income ultimately lead me to write The Naked Millionaire. A book about total financial health or 'whealth', for anyone wanting to gain mastery over their money; targeted to improve the overall health of anyone going through financial crisis whatever the level-physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The concept for the book hit home as I watched first myself, then others around me attempt to make sense of everything that money means to us and not just the pocketbook, when financial dis-ease strikes.
As I researched the book, I would come to realize that I was not alone, and that over the last five years over seven million North Americans have declared personal bankruptcy. It became obvious to me that if people learned to see the importance of a financially fit ‘body' then those numbers would reduce significantly and for good.

People would ask me how I stayed afloat mentally and emotionally while going through the financial obstacles that faced me and still come out healthy on the other side. The one common element I can remember clinging to was a realization that it wasn't enough to deal with my money issues on one level alone. It had to be approached and mended on all four levels.

I believe in creating a new kind of awareness from the foundation of traditional financial advice on how to achieve and maintain wealth, but with a focus on the integrity of the individual needs and concerns of those in financial quandries. The Naked Millionaire is a book in which others could find practical advice from someone who's been through it, and who could help them mountain the 'whealth' ladder and stay on top.

Every personal finance book I came in contact with had an aim to capture an audience that already had savings and was already educated about investing.
I knew there was still a large base of people out there that hadn't any idea how to start that ethic, and it wasn't just the minimum wage earner that's in financial distress but teachers, students, and people in executive positions as well. I felt that more insight could be brought to an area riddled with guilt and shame, where many lacked confidence and control. What was needed was a solid understanding of 'whealth' and an ability to market oneself in our relationships, career, or in business.

Single Mom - Single Minded

I learned the importance of financial independence later in life, but that didn't mean it was too late. At 28 years old, I was divorced and suddenly found myself alone and raising a five year old. With no formal education, I had to find a source of income to support my family while trying to still be there for my daughter through school. I started my first business, a web company.

I can remember when I couldn't even pay the phone bill. I had to borrow $20 for groceries because everything, literally everything, was going to the business. I was having a serious financial breakdown.

After the collapse of the second venture, I tried the 9-5 route but realized that I was an entrepreneur at heart. So I began writing content for various websites, business plans for other entrepreneurs, and coddling a budding in-flight magazine directed at puddle jumpers. But one day, while putting together my own budget and fixing my own financial “body”, I had a vision of myself as “just a close friend talking to others on financial health and how to break free from financial bondage and pave the way for 'whealth' in your life”. That was the vision for The Naked Millionaire.

I realized that if I wanted to make that vision a reality, I would have to be it myself; no one else was going to pull me up by the bootstraps-except me. And, from then on, I used every experience as a tool to get me into complete financial fitness—and stay there.”

"I knew I couldn't count on anyone but myself to achieve and maintain financial fitness in the wholistic way that I needed. I knew it was necessary to also learn how to maintain that level of financial well-being. But at the same time, I saw how a firm financial foundation can give individuals the freedom to make choices-to be in careers we are passionate about rather than need to be in; free from the endless roller coaster of money worries!

Early Beginnings - Newspaper Route By Night, Writer By Day

At the age of 34, I had two failed businesses and was bankrupt, living in a cramped two-bedroom apartment in an undesirable area of town. This was not how I intended to bring up my daughter. To raise the money to promote my first book I took to the road---delivering newspapers. While other women my age were enjoying the ride up the corporate ladder and weekends at the cottage, I was delivering papers at 2am in the morning. I can still throw a paper from the curb to the porch in the middle of the night!

Making it in those days wasn't easy. It took all the creativity I could muster to keep afloat while writing the book and paying the bills. During those days I cut back on everything, and living on $100 worth of groceries a month for two people! Those times were tough, but they helped me keep clear about what I wanted and what I valued.

The Future In Focus

I am passionate about inspiring by example, cheerleading people to accept abundance in their lives and finances in a significant way. What's next? I'll always write as my way of communicating with the world. I've also got my sights set on creating a bank where people who are serious about repairing and maintaining solid 'whealth' can do their banking and find “baby step” loans after experiencing crippling financial loss like bankruptcy, divorce, or an illness.
A bank where people can connect with others who've been there and can help them help themselves. I've learned that you've got to get on your feet before you can kick ass!