Some of the key concepts within the book are:
  • Living a life on Purpose - finding your Greater Purpose
  • ligning your spending with your Core Values
  • Change your beliefs and you change your life
  • Debt is not about money


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The Naked Millionaire

"A book like The Naked Millionaire only comes along once in a very long while

Maxine Hyndman's provocative approach on wealth and how to get it pushes your thinking to a different level. You'll never look at a penny in the same way again."

Raymond Aaron, co-author, Chicken Soup For the Parent's Soul [MORE]


These are links that have really helped me through some tough times, helped me stay true during times of abundance or are just plain useful. Since I love to cook, travel and wear well tailored clothes you've find some interesting links to those things too.

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The Naked Millionaire is published by Insomniac Press, and is available at your local independent bookstores, Booksense, Chapters/Indigo, Barnes and Noble and online at Amazon.

Personal Finance Canada $21.95 US $16.95 UK 9.95 Trade paperback 1-894663-87-X 192 pages 6" x 9 "

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