How refreshing to read a book about money from the Spiritual point of view. Thank You for your wonderful insights.

Carolyn Johnson


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Maxine’s books are an exploration in consciousness, specifically within the realms of money, mission and marketing. Her books challenge the reader to at least acknowledge that through raising our level of awareness we can find a way to make these three elements unite in perfect pitch.

The book that started the buzz, The Naked Millionaire - A woman’s guide to creating a healthy relationship with money. [MORE]

A business that is organic learns how to thrive in its own soil, no matter the circumstances - consciously in balance with capitalism and ones own Spirit. [MORE]

99% of the issues we have with money have nothing to do with money and everything to do with the relationship we have with ourselves. When we can financially master our life, that is financial freedom.
We all have a Greater Purpose, something that no one else on earth can accomplish. Our journey and the subsequent acceptance of this mission is what makes us shine, be heard with a whisper and receive more than enough compensation for our services.
How you present yourself in your business, your career and in relationships is a reflection of everything that you think, believe and act upon. Change the foundation of your marketing and you change your reality.