What is coaching?

For me the term coaching is synonymous with the process of intuitively evoking in others the ability to move through life with increasing grace and abundance by continuously monitoring and challenging our personal altitudes and attitudes in the present moment. Coaching is not consulting where a person is given mainly methods and solutions to a problem.

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If you want to create a healthier relationship with money, get to the heart of your mission or figure out an authentic way to market yourself in your career or business then this coaching service is for you.

My coaching fee is $90 per session. Each session lasts 45 -60 minutes in length. Payment is due at least one day before our session.

For new clients your first session, of 30 minutes in length, is complimentary.

With this simple structure there’s no minimum number of sessions required, if we decide that you’re really only going to need two, then that’s what you pay for. Pay for the number of sessions you feel you need or purchase each session one at a time. The choice is yours.
If you would like to get a head start on our coaching session please download the New Client Welcome Package.

New Client Welcome Package

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