The Organic Entrepreneur

Organic Entrepreneurs are motivated less and less by just the bottom line and more and more by a need for authenticity and the integrity of their community, humanity, and their own souls. They don't believe the old business adage that to be successful in business you've got to check your morals at the door. Organic Entrepreneurs respect the soil in which they are planted and work within the cycles of nature to find and sustain success, meaning, and balance in their lives and their business.

This book shows you how to become an Organic Entrepreneur. It follows the process of becoming a better businessperson from Incubation to Creation, Abundance, and Economy with wisdom, patience, and love. It explores what's needed to find the rhythm that allows a business to grow from within. Whether your dream is to start a new bank, a new communication tool, or a business that bakes better bread, The Organic Entrepreneur will help you to find and create better services and products for humanity as well as yourself.

Praise for The Organic Entrepreneur

"The Organic Entrepreneur is a useful 'green print' for socially responsible business and the entrepreneurial life. It provides important insights on how to align your business with your values." - Cliff Feigenbaum, editor of the GreenMoney Journal, and co-author of Investing with Your Values

"In The Organic Entrepreneur, Maxine Hyndman marries her intuitive wisdom with practical experience to bring us a literal fount of insight into the whys and wherefores of how to birth a business from the ground up." Darlene Montgomery, author of Conscious Women Conscious Lives and Conscious Women Conscious Careers

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