Teaching ‘Whealth’ Through Money, Mission & Marketing

Maxine has been carefully crafting and presenting keynote speeches, workshops and teleclasses around these important skills since before the birth of her first book The Naked Millionaire, March 2005 from Insomniac Press.

Maxine is a member of the Cambridge Toastmasters. A ‘diehard’ entrepreneur, Maxine has founded four businesses; all of them breaking the moulds of their time and culture. In her uniquely personal and provocative presentations, all experiences – successes and failures – are now recycled as vital compost for her communications which gives readers and listeners inspiring examples of “whealth” and a much needed authenticity that the world so hungers for.


What They’re Saying:
“(This) empowered me to have the self confidence to believe in myself and the decisions I make. …I am now able to see the light at the end of the tunnel– Melanie Henry-Hayden

“Maxine is an extremely intuitive coach and is able to get to the ‘heart’ of the matter very quickly. During our sessions, I was able to get really clear on my company vision and was able to create a company image that I am very proud of and that I know will be a success.” – Shilo Shannon, Empowered Journeys Relationship Coaching.

“I was impressed with the amount of information that you not only made available but understandable in such a short period of time. It was refreshing to be part of a dialogue which treated women as intelligent, valuable and capable individuals where we could feel free to ask the ‘dumb’ questions.” – Claire Warrington

“…just (heard) your message, tears are running down my face, I am so overwhelmed by what you just said, thanks so much.” – Sherry Barrow


Values Based Spending
Our unique values are the cornerstone of whealth. During this seminar you will learn how to define and accept your values as a way to never overspend again.
Presentation objectives
During this session the attendees will uncover their true values through guided exercises, and in-depth questions. Attendees will leave with a sense of deeper understanding of their true motivators and how to bring their life and their spending back in line with these. Workbooks are provided.

Expectation of Excellence
This is a highly engaging look at the essence of the # 1 attractor of success today. This is powerful information for kids, families, corporate teams, or businesses.
Presentation objectives
Attendees will have an eye opening experience to learn how important this little known thread can completely change what we receive and how we perform. Attendees will leave with a blueprint of what they need to do to adopt an expectation of excellence in everything they do and everything they touch. Workbooks are provided.

The Conscious Corporation
For anyone assuming a position of leadership, entrepreneurs, executives, and CEOs, it’s absolutely essential that they have an authentic awareness of their own inner lives – an awareness of the nature of their hunger, their values and an intimate knowledge of their Greater Purpose in life in order to lead with flexibility.
Presentation objectives
Attendees will begin to notice the blocks to living their Greater Purpose which is our divine inheritance. They will leave with a personal GP statement and a rough plan to keep removing the masks we use to hide our divine gifts and begin sharing them for passion as well as for profit. Workbooks are provided.

The Alchemist’s Purse
This is an interactive workshop where you learn how to turn pain into gold and begin building a foundation of ‘whealth’ from exactly who, what and where you are.
Presentation objectives
During this session, attendees will begin to realize that all their ‘failures’ and pain are really only fertilizer for their life purpose which will ultimately lead them to greater personal satisfaction and ‘whealth’. They will leave with a sense that they are the true alchemists and can turn lead into gold with their will and intent. Workbooks are provided.

The Five Currencies of Whealth
Whealth is learned. We don’t find our way there by chance, but by choice. Engage in a discovery of the five building blocks that prepare you for whealth on all the five levels: physical, emotional, mental, intentional and spiritual.
Presentation objectives
Whealth is the cultivation of a healthy relationship with the money and at this seminar attendees learn the foundations for building this kind of wealth. They will learn what these five skills are and how mastery of them is a prerequisite to not only making money but keeping it for generations.