The Naked Millionaire

Why is it that so many people have recurring financial problems? Are they undisciplined? Are these people not intelligent enough to grasp basic financial processes? No. Financial problems don't stem from our shortcomings; they stem from our distorted perceptions of money.

Many of us have a dysfunctional relationship with money. We often feel overwhelmed by financial concerns and decide that we are incapable of coping with money matters. This is wrong. You have everything you need. This book will help you ask the right questions. It can help you find the courage to get 'naked' and do the work that will help you overcome your financial roadblocks.

At the heart of this financial coaching is the concept of "whealth." True whealth is not about how much money you've made - or lost - rather, it's about developing a healthy relationship with money, one that's free from the cycle of fear, avoidance, and guilt. True whealth is synonymous with financial wellness, and it can be achieved by a willingness to get naked and accept the reality of your current financial situation as a place to begin healing and creating abundance.

Health happens where there is balance, awareness, and access. Just as our general personal health is not solely defined by our body itself, but rather by our relationship with our body, our financial health is not defined by our money, but by our relationship with it.

Praise for The Naked Millionaire

"A book like The Naked Millionaire only comes along once in a very long while. Maxine Hyndman's provocative approach on wealth and how to get it pushes your thinking to a different level. You'll never look at a penny in the same way again."

Raymond Aaron, co-author, Chicken Soup For the Parent's Soul "The Naked Millionaire shows how interconnected our thoughts, values, lifestyles, are to our financial and non-financial well-being. We can't enjoy enduring wealth until we live this connection. Read this book to connect to your 'wealth'."

Jim Clemmer, author and professional speaker.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Fear and Loathing in My Wallet
Chapter 2 - A New Groove
Chapter 3 - You, Inc.
Chapter 4 - Asking, Expecting, Accepting
Chapter 5 - Greater Purpose
Chapter 6 - Attention
Chapter 7 - Financial Alchemy
Chapter 8 - Financial Grace
Chapter 9 - Living Below Your Means
Chapter 10 - Financial Goal Setting
Chapter 11 - Staying Your Course
Chapter 12 - The Whole Picture
Chapter 13 - Support and Resistance
Concluding Chapter